I’M LOAN GROUP 推出: 中小企业贷款、个人贷款、个人理财

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I’M LOAN GROUP 是一家马来西亚合法注册的金融公司,总部设立在吉隆坡。该集团资金的筹集主要来自民间


I’M LOAN GROUP 推出: 中小企业贷款、个人贷款、个人理财

2020 年 7 月份 I’M LOAN GROUP 推出”个人理财”计划。个人理财,是在对个人收入、资产、负债等数据进行分





1. 评估理财环境和个人条件

2. 制定个人理财目标

3. 制定个人理财规划

4. 执行个人理财规划

5. 监控执行进度和再评估

I’M LOAN GROUP 推出: 中小企业贷款、个人贷款、个人理财

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I’M LOAN GROUP launched: SME Loans, Personal Loans, Personal Financial Management

I’M LOAN GROUP is a legally registered financial company in Malaysia. Its funds are mainly raised from private

capital, capital markets, bonds, and bank loans. The pooled funds are used for loans to small and medium

enterprises, personal loans and other commercial purposes.

In July 2020, I’M LOAN GROUP launched the "Personal Finance" plan. Personal financial management is based

on the analysis and sorting of personal income, assets, liabilities and other data, according to personal risk

preference and tolerance, combined with predetermined goals, such as savings, insurance, securities, foreign

exchange, collections, housing investment, etc.

The process of managing assets and liabilities by various means, and arranging funds reasonably,so as to

realize the process of maximizing asset appreciation within the acceptable range of personal risk.

The personal finance process can be roughly divided into fivesteps:

1. Evaluate the financial environment and personal conditions;

2. Formulate personal financial management goals;

3. Develop personal financial planning;

4. Implement personal financial planning;

5. Monitor implementation progress and reassess.

I’M LOAN GROUP 推出: 中小企业贷款、个人贷款、个人理财

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